June 7, 2023

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Company name : HDFC Bank

Vacant position : Authoriser – TF

Company location : Surat, Gujarat

job description : Job Description
Direct Recourse under Letter of Credit : Generations of Business Object report on a daily basis.
Follow up of Payment etc.
Follow up For Payment/Past Due Obligations from Letter of Credit Opening Bank.
To ensure that tracers (Acceptance/Payment) are properly sent.
Scrutiny of Bills.
Authorization of the bills inputted for all events.
Raising/Tracking for Exception approval.
To ensure that discrepancy message regarding documents, if any, is properly conveyed to the client.
Tracking of rate of interest/handling charges etc.
approvals for discounting of Bills.
In case Acceptance received has single signature, Branch Visit Report (BVR) needs to be performed.
( instead of BVR : necessary process note to be followed ) Monitoring SMFS Acceptance For physical acceptance, need to arrange/check for signature verification.
( instead of BVR : necessary process note to be followed ) Telephonic verification of acceptance which are received through courier/post.
Tracking of Post Due Obligation Bills.
Maintaining Margin money details.
Monitoring of General Ledger Consistency report for the entries posted in Flexcube Corporate and Flexcube core system.
This would be redundant after having moved into New FCUBS Remitting Funds through RTGS/NEFT for Inland payment Conduct client meetings as mandated.
Refund of Interest in case of pre-poned payments post proper check, If client claims.
To ensure proper safe keeping of documents.
Maintaining of tracker for signature verification of banks and Bank Visit Report (BVR) expiry, proactively get the fresh Signature Verification and BVR done prior to expiry.
Periodic physical verification of Direct Recourse Under Letter of Credit Outstanding Documents.
To ensure that processes are followed properly.
Ensure complete, immediate response to client queries.
Fortnightly review of Bills booked in order to check MIS & other details related to the transactions booked.
Export Collection/Discounting/Loans/ Liquidation – Authoriser : Generation of Outstanding Bills report from related system (OBIEE) on weekly basis – for approval to be taken for outstanding bill as per Board Note.
Generation of Past Due Obligation Bills report from OBIEE system on daily basis.
Generation of Outstanding Loans Report from OBIEE system on daily Basis Checking of Office of Foreign Assets Control list/Specially Designated Nationals list.
Scrutiny of Bills received for processing.
Authorisation of Bill in Flexcube Corporate system.
Checking of Country Risk as per Grid provided by Credit and Market Risk group.
Updation of Status Holder Certificate received.
Raising/Tracking of Approval Mails sent to business.
Monitoring of General Ledger and Deferred account/s.
Monitoring of Converter utility and outstanding entries in Nostro accounts.
Monitoring of disposal as per mail received from Relationship Manager/Corporates/Service desk.
Preparation of Quality Initiative Group data on daily/monthly basis and provide to Central Processing Unit Trade Finance.
Meetings to be held with client/Relationship Manager to educate them for reducing First Time Not Right cases.
Monitoring updation of inward messages in FCC received in inward tracker.
Half yearly Export Outstanding (XOS) reporting.
Monitoring of calculation of interest and refund of correct amount of interest at the time of booking and liquidation.
Updation and circulation of charges approval in Trade Stream and amongst team members.
Liaising with RBI for cases referred to them.
FRMS check for all the bills booked FIRC utility check for all the bills booked wherein part funds received EDPMS check for Shipping Bills Fortnightly review of Bills booked in order to check MIS & other details related to the transactions booked.
Ensuring RBP check for ROI Ensuring Subvention check for Interest Equalisation Schemes Ensuring charges are taken as per requisite approval Tracking of Inward Messages Sending cases to RBI for approval.
Letter of Credit Authorizer : Scrutinize Letter of Credit application.
Perform signature verification.
Ensure consistency of documents/clauses/details.
Check internal guidelines, FEMA regulations, Foreign Assets Control list/Specially Designated Nationals list, Harmonised System of Nomenclature Code.
Check Outstanding Post Due Obligations.
Check Credit Appraisal Memo for conditions.
Check Limits in system, if available.
If not available, raise the request to concerned team i.
Business Banking Operations, Credit Administration Department etc.
Raise discrepancies to customer and liaise for resolution.
If any internal approvals are required, raise the same to Credit/Business/Operations etc.
Follow-up for limits/internal approval/discrepancy resolution with customer.
Authorize the Letter of Credit contract inputted in system.
Authorize Letter of Credit in Swift.
Check if authorized Letter of Credit’s have stuck in Swift Screening and clearance of the same.
Ensuring transactions are processed within defined TAT.
Checking of swift messages received in inward tracker and informing/taking necessary actions.
Updating pricing/charges approval in system.
Responding to various MIS/preparing MIS.
Educating customer/Relationship Manager, to increase First Time Right transactions.
Attending Internal Audit and responding to their queries.
Monitoring of General Ledger/Suspense accounts.
Fortnightly review of Bills booked in order to check MIS & other details related to the transactions booked.
Guarantees Authorizer : Vetting of the Bank Guarantees.
Authorisation of Bank Guarantee issuance, Amendment, Cancellation, Invocations.
Signing of Bank Guarantee issuance, Amendment, Tracers and other written communication.
Monitoring, tracking and conducting follow up towards Bank Guarantee Invocation cases (both conditional and unconditional).
Liaising and interacting with Customers, Relationship Managers for their queries/doubts.
Conducting customer meetings as mandated.
Liaising and following up with internal depts.
Credit, Credit Administration Department, Business Banking Operations, Legal etc.
Providing complete service as per Service Level Agreement to different Business verticals.
To clear the document deferrals so that transactions can be processed.
Training and guidance to team members and Relationship Manager/s.
Maintenance of Ticklers for charges Maintenance of file for invocation & fortnightly review of the same.
Fortnightly review of Bills booked in order to check MIS & other details related to the transactions booked.
System Security : To ensure there is no sharing of system passwords in the section.
To ensure that the process for password handover/takeover is followed.
To ensure timely servicing of all equipment and testing of backup systems.
Voucher Management : To manage all vouchers and records as per laid down guidelines.
Archive, Print and file approval mails for Referrals.
To ensure that rubber stamps are affixed as prescribed.
Timely processing of all records in the RMS/Archival system as per laid down guidelines.
To liaise with Record management Agency for storage/retrieval of records.
Other Responsibilities : Error-free operations.
Clean Audits and Compliance Team handling, grooming and motivation.
Contributing ideas and suggest process simplifications/improvements.
Ensure and build internal control mechanism to prevent frauds, errors.
Ensure training at regular intervals to staff at various levels.
Investigate customer complaints and analyze, send response and resolve the same under intimation to seniors.
Investigate errors/lapses and inform seniors scrupulously.
Procure relevant approvals from seniors.
Liaison with internal customers for resolution of issues.
Maintain good liaison with all stake holders.
Take up issues relating to infrastructure, utilities, systems.
Cost management.
Ensure smooth implementation of new systems, enhancements, migration.
To identify/escalate cases of potential misuse of the banking systems.
Participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the bank.
Ensure timely handover of systems.
Maintain relevant registers and documents.
Suspense/General Ledger accounts monitoring.
Store all security documents, instruments, etc.
in FRFC under dual custody.
Ensure generation of all the relevant reports for all the functions.
To convert customer on digital platform.
Co-ordination with external agencies, vendors, system support teams.
Management of staff leaves, absenteeism, replacements, exigencies.
Efficiency management.
Any other responsibilities entrusted from time to time.
1. Banking Product & Process Knowledge
2. Regulatory Knowledge
3. Planning and Organizing Skills
4. Communication
5. IIBF certification in Foreign Exchange & CTF
6. Knowledge of Competition & Current trends in financial Industry.