September 22, 2023

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Magento 2 Order Attachment

Online retailers possess the limitation to describe these products to customers in fact within the physical store. However, it may be overcome in Magento 2 store while using Magento 2 Order Attachment extension! It enables attaching docs for example screenshots, manuals, tutorials, designs, invoices, etc. using the orders.

The extension enables people to attach files using the orders that may be viewed by customers and admin. It eases the job of retrieving an order data.

The Magento 2 Order Attachment extension enables communication with prospective customers because it provides a feature to include comments using the attachments by admin and customers.

Advantages of Magento 2 Order Attachment:

• Option to say the road to save all of the attachments by customers and admin

• The admin needs to go into the comma-separated values for that permitted file types like:

o jpg

o jpeg

o png

o zip

o rar

o docx

o doc

o pdf

o bmp

o gif

o xls

o xlsx

• The admin can limit the utmost quality of attachments to become submitted by customers.

• Restrict attachments according to customer groups.

• Customers can delete the attachment files which are submitted by them.

• Notify customers with an Email when an admin adds an attachment towards the existing orders.

• Notify admin with an email whenever a customer adds the attachment towards the orders. Specify the e-mail ID within the backend to get these notifications.

• Let customers attach order docs and files from checkout page and My Account Order View page

• Admin has got the choice to attach order docs in the Order View section in Backend.

• Admin and customers can also add comments while uploading order attachments.

• Send attachment notification email to customers as whether separate email or perhaps an order email using the attachment

• Facilitates drag & drop feature for uploading attachments

• The admin can also add attachments in notification Emails

• Attach multiple files plus a single order.

• Show a mistake message whenever a customer tries to add an attachment using the restricted file type.

• Let customers see their attachments in “My Order Attachments” tab within their “My Account” section.

• Let customers look into the order specific attachments in the Order View section within my Account

• Allows admin to include, edit or take away the attachments in the Order Attachment tab

• The admin can hide the attachments from customers’ “My Account” section.