June 7, 2023

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Natural Language Processing Specialist Job Vacancy in Ometrics, (Evergreen, CO 80437) – Businessofusa.com

Hi, If you are looking for a good job then check this out

Company name : Ometrics

Vacant position : Natural Language Processing Specialist

Company location : Evergreen, CO 80437

job description : Compensation: Hourly, part time or full time
Location: Must be able to come into the Evergreen, Colorado office part of the week.
Ometrics is hiring a Natural Language Processing Specialist (NLP) to build AI chatbots for clients. No NLP experience is required. We will provide all the training needed. This is a great opportunity for a motivated and inquisitive person.

You enjoy word puzzles. Words and the different ways to say and spell fascinates you.
The games you play are more logic based like Chess or Go compared to games of chance.
Sometimes when working on a problem time stands still…
You see patterns when looking at data of user behavior and can see the user’s intention.
You often think from someone else’s perspective or point of view.

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