June 7, 2023

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Product Support Coordinator Job Vacancy in Casepoint, (Surat, Gujarat) – Businessofusa.com

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Company name : Casepoint

Vacant position : Product Support Coordinator

Company location : Surat, Gujarat

job description : About:
Casepoint provides full eDiscovery capabilities through a powerful, secure, cloud-based platform. We are repeatedly chosen by leading law firms and multinational corporations for their largest matters. On an upward trajectory for almost a decade, Casepoint is looking to expand its team globally. Team cooperation, “work hard, play hard” attitude, open communication, and kindness mark Casepoint’s culture.
Number of positions currently vacant: 03
Key job responsibilities:To control a complete specific shift. (Monitor each shift schedule and prioritize daily workloads to handle support tickets and adjust work assignments in response to volume fluctuations.)Escalate support ticket and assign to a specific team to work. (Oversee the tickets to keep track of the overdue & need to escalate on time manner)Review all pending STs once start the shift & revise the SLA if needed.Gain knowledge across the different areas to provide the best support for the complete products.Guide and provoke the team to update support tickets in a timely manner.Have to conduct the meetings with team members.Have to work independently & handle multiple tasks/take ownership of all the support tickets during the shift period.Encourage teammates to complete delivery on time.Hand over the overdue tasks to another shift coordinator before completing the shift.
Compensation & culture:
Excellent culture produces an excellent product. We value our team members, so we provide a nurturing environment of camaraderie. We recognize talent with competitive compensation and career empowerment
Location: Surat, Gujarat
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